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Innovate Fort Worth

Jan 31, 2023

HSC is harnessing the power of simulation to teach medicine in a different way. Karen Meadows is the director of HSC’s Simulation Center  an interactive, immersive space that offers virtual reality, augmented reality, robotic mannequins, hololens, and 3D simulated experiences. Students use this space of the future

Jan 17, 2023

Where community development meets economic development, you will find Co.Starters. Jose Alfaro, CEO of Co.Starters, has a passion for artists, creative entrepreneurs, and small business owners. He says that entrepreneurs who are a part of a supportive community have a higher success rate, and through Co.Starters, a 90%...

Jan 3, 2023

Every entrepreneur knows that finding funding is difficult. And sometimes, investors want you to give away tons of equity in exchange for their capital. That’s where “America’s Seed Fund” or SBIR grants, come in! In this episode, Dr. Robert McClain, Assistant Vice President of Research and Innovation at HSC,...